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Call out management's best friend

What is CASI?

CASI is a simple tool trained to make life easier for anyone that hires hourly workers. She helps save time and money while increasing worker satisfaction. It’s call out management made easy!

How does CASI work?

CASI uses a machine learning chatbot that integrates with text messaging, messaging apps, and email. This allows her to quickly fetch shift changes from workers, delivering them to a call out management dashboard.

What is CASI trained to do?

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Time Off

Manage call-outs, shift coverage, and daily scheduling.

Attendance Point

Instantly update workers and managers on attendance records.

Survey Collection

Ensure worker satisfaction with company-wide or segmented surveys.

Manager Notifications

Keep managers in-the-loop with automatic updates to their all-in-one dashboard.

Call Out Reporting

View, manage, and share call-out reports using custom filters.

From our call out management clients:

Call-out Conversation I can't make my shift tomorrow... 😥 Oh no! Are you sure you want to call out? Yeah Got it 👍 If you don't mind sharing, what's the reason for calling out? I'm sick Ok, I've let your supervisor know. Because you called out close to clock-in time, I'm adding attendance points to your record. How many points do I have already? You have 3 points. (9 points results in disciplinary action.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Communication and Scheduling Interface.

Most industry-leading software and services. These include ADP, Ceridian Dayforce, Kronos, Salesforce, and Workday.

CASI comes with a dedicated call out line, call out email, call out web form, call out reports, administrative user management, worker profiles, and email updates. In addition, CASI can help manage scheduling. Reach out to us for more details!

No! Workers simply send a quick text or email to call out. CASI handles it from there. It really is call out management made easy!

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