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Don't just manage hourly employees, collaborate with them!

What is Casi?

Casi is an enterprise SaaS platform that streamlines communication and collaboration for today’s hourly workforce. She helps save time and money while increasing worker satisfaction.

How does Casi work?

Casi relays workforce shift changes and announcements between a management dashboard and the tools that employees already have in place: text messaging, messaging apps, and email.

What is Casi trained to do?

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Automated Shift Scheduling

Manage call-outs, shift coverage, and daily scheduling.

Announcement Scheduling

Schedule company-wide or segmented announcements.

Attendance Point Tracking

Instantly update workers and managers on attendance records.

Manager Notifications

Keep managers in-the-loop with automatic updates to their all-in-one dashboard.

Call-Out Reporting

View, manage, and share call-out reports using custom filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Communication and Scheduling Interface.

Most industry-leading software and services. These include ADP, Ceridian Dayforce, Kronos, Salesforce, and Workday.

Casi is trained to manage workforce scheduling and communication while providing a medium for employee self service. She comes with a dedicated call-out line, call-out email, call-out web form, call-out reports, administrative user management, worker profiles, and email updates. Reach out to us for more details!

No! Workers simply send a quick text, message, or email to call out, check attendance points, and more. Casi handles it from there.

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