Front-End/UI Software Engineer

After 5 years of market testing and prototyping, our team is scaling up a SaaS product designed to improve the working experience for 10k+ users. You will play a leading role in a small team collaborating on new features, using developer-friendly, modern libraries. Our project is funded, has existing clients, and a significant sales funnel of opportunities. 
In your role, you will help us collect feedback from our users, prototype new ideas, and release new user interfaces as modern web applications. You will work closely with full-stack JS engineers, software architects, client managers, and several domain experts.
Pay, Hours, Benefits
  • Part-time to full-time dedication
  • Equivalent salary range of $90-$120k per year based on experience
  • Remote-only or hybrid
  • Healthcare (medical, dental, vision) available
  • Paid skill development opportunities
  • Unlimited PTO and flexible working hours
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Working with UI design tools to conceptualize solutions
  • Iteration on a functional and user-friendly front-end
  • Resolving elevated technical support issues & bugs
  • Collecting requirements (in collaboration with client managers & dev team)
  • Collaborating effectively and asynchronously with remote teams
  • Thought leadership and proactive skill development
  • Experience with (some or all):
    • SaaS platform design & development
    • Client-side languages: TypeScript/JavaScript, HTML/CSS
    • Front-end tools and frameworks: React, Vue
    • Relational data: SQL, ORMs, data layer frameworks such as Prisma
    • Low/no code tools: Retool, OutSystems, PowerApps, AppSheets, AirTable, etc.
  • Portfolio of projects demonstrating technical knowledge
  • Experience with requirements gathering, UI/UX design, and quality assurance methodologies
  • Experience with software development methodologies such as AGILE, KANBAN, Shape Up, etc.

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