Distribution Case Study

After missing their staffing projections three years in a row, this Fortune 700 ecommerce company needed a process overhaul, starting with one of its 1 million sq. ft. distribution centers. The Casi team was engaged to provide a solution for coordinating and retaining an on-demand workforce of thousands.


High Employee Turnover Rates

due to inflexible scheduling (mandatory overtime)

Lack of Reliable & Efficient Communication

between management and hourly employees

Missing Customer Service Levels

as training, production, and shipping times increased

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Implemented Collaborative Shift Planning System

run via text messaging (sms), email and social media responses

Provided Real-Time Announcements & Survey Collection

allowing management and hourly employees to communicate effectively

Integrated with the Existing Organizational Systems

including payroll and attendance, for automated database updates

Casi has entirely changed the workflow for this organization, reducing redundancy of work, increased visibility into schedules, offering better communication with employees, and real-time adjustments in workforce. They made the job easier overall!

Tracy Aparo

Senior Consultant, eGage Human Capital Consulting


Within the first year of implementation:

  • Turnover dropped over 10% due to stability in schedules and improved employee communication
  • Mandatory overtime was replaced by voluntary overtime, and voluntary time off was now offered when production levels drop below projections, saving on labor costs
  • A new workflow is in place with one consistent platform, allowing centralized labor management of several facilities

Over $2 million in yearly savings per facility!

The company has continued to engage the Casi team and has signed on for service expansion into distribution facilities around the world.

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